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Northern Mariana Islands Health Declaration Form


You must complete a health declaration form if you are a resident of the Northern Mariana Islands once per year. This is one of the mandatory procedures to acquire health insurance in the US territory. The form can be obtained from any local health office or hospital. It includes information such as current address, general physical condition, physician(s), and treatment if necessary.

It is important to have the health bulletins for all Northern Mariana Islands residents each year. It is also important to keep the copy of this form and present it to the applicable authorities at the time of application. The application could be denied if the copy is not kept. To obtain the most current version of the rules and regulations governing health services, contact the person concerned if you don't have a copy. The Government of the Northern Mariana Islands provides health services that cover almost all medical conditions.

Every year, each resident is required to go through a medical examination conducted by the department of health. This medical examination is to ensure that the residents of Northern Mariana Islands are in good health and not a danger to others. The declaration form for medical examination also covers mental examination and drug test.

Each person is assessed according to his mental and physical condition. After the medical examination, the individual is asked to sign the declaration form which gives his consent for medical coverage. This includes a waiver of liability. This health insurance form helps the insurer in collecting the payment in case of unexpected illness or accident.

Individual needs to decide whether he wants health coverage as an individual policy or as a group policy. Individual medical coverage is more expensive than group insurance. However, in case of serious illness and accident, the cost of medical treatment will be much higher for the group compared to individual policy. Individuals who are self-employed may not be eligible to receive health services from their employers.

There are many places you can find information about insurance in the Northern Mariana Islands. Many insurance companies offer online comparisons, free estimates, quotes, and free information. You can compare rates, coverage, deductibles and co-pays online. With so many options available, anyone can find a suitable insurance company to provide health services. One can even buy multiple policies from different insurance companies.

The Health Declaration form allows you to choose which health services you want, at what cost, and how much deductible you need to pay. It clearly outlines the type of medical assistance that you will require. If you want to opt for total coverage, you can declare all your health problems, and the numbers of days each condition will affect your total expenses. If you want partial coverage, you can indicate the conditions you want covered and the number of days they should be treated.

Insurance companies have different policies on how long the declarations will last. You can modify your declarations annually or monthly. Your declarations are valid one year. You may apply for another one in case of an accident or sudden change in your health. You cannot use the declarations for immigrant purposes.